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Female student and teacher

  • 2012-03-18 (Sun)
  • Rika

My buddy, owner of famous Japanese bondage site "Bound Beauty Photo Salon", have worked with us at the first time.
In this clip most popular models of that site, Rika bound and gagged in Japanese school girl outfits.

RJ1 Female student and teacher

Rika's pervert female teacher Miki (also popular model of that site) gives a sermon to her about her behavior these days. Rika is uncompliant, so Ryoko desides to punish her.
Teacher forces Rika to breath through cloth,soon Rika fall into asleep. Rika finds she is bound tightly when he awaken, tries to escape, soon teacher comes near to her, forced some clothes into her mouth, and coverd her mouth with duct tape. Rika moans helplessly, struggles to get free, but it is futile.

Running time 14min 33sec, 2000 kbps 241MB 720x480 in size shot with HDV camera

You can get this video clip at Clips4Sale and BondageToken .


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