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Cute Layla tied on the chest

Cute Japanese young college student Layla,tied up in her pink one-piece suit, cleave gagged on the chest.

Her wrists were tightly tied at the back, roped around her breasts.Her ankles and knees were bound , then another rope tied to her knees, the rope pulled from her knees, split into two, goes over her shoulders, and tied together behind her back on wrists.

These are archived pictures from Tokyo Bondage Express.

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Tied and gagged in jeans

Layla is very cute young Japanese college student.
This time , Layla put on sweater and blue jeans, next-door style.
First, she was tied on bed ,and big ballgag was forced into her tiny mouth.

Next, she was tied up cross-legged on the floor.
More ropes were added to her ankles , passed beside her neck and tied to her wrists behind back.
Then another ball gag was forced into her mouth,she felt disturbed and helpless, finally she was rolled on floor...

(These pictures are archives from Tokyo Bondage Express.)

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Cute college student Layla

lay352.jpg lay345.jpg

Cute college student,Layla put on nice girl next door style clothes , and sat on floor in black long boots.
She was stuffed her mouth by rags and cleave gagged in white satin cloth.
(Archives from Tokyo Bondage Express)

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