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YK16-18 Rainwear Bound FULL version

  • 2010-10-15 (Fri)
  • Yuki

This clip is a compilation of the 3 clips posted with the same name.

Japanese bondage damsel Yuki bound with hemp ropes ,red ball gagged in a blue rainwear and white boots. Yuki is tied on the chair in blue vinyl rainwear,forced a big red ball gag into her mouth and strapped it tightly..Soon she starts drooling behind the gag,her rainwear getting soaked with her drivel.She moans fondled her titts, and struggles to escape from the guy's naughty hands. Next scene she is forced to sit on the floor still bound strictly, then the gag is taken off once, but her mouth is covered again with black tape gag.The guy fondles her breasts again, Yuki moans helplessly.

thumbnails only directly captured from the clip

Running time 26min52sec approx 2000kbps 413MB 720x540 in size shot with HDV camera

You can get this video clip only at Clips4Sale


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Home > Yuki > YK16-18 Rainwear Bound FULL version


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